Chronicles of a Boss: Your blueprint to creating a life of Independence, Freedom and Wealth:

                  Provides you with several winning ways to transform your dreams of becoming a business owner into a reality. It also doubles as a personal journal, and the definitive self-help guide that ultimately gives you the power and confidence needed to propel your thoughts, ideas, and passions into overdrive!


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273 pages of solid advice on starting a business, holding yourself accountable, how to stay on track, how to make money now and MUCH more!!


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Several exercises that will help you transform your thoughts into reality.

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  • This is more than just a book! I LOVE the fact that it encompasses a journal as well to help each individual person incorporate their thoughts. The blueprint is very well written where someone like myself can understand it in plain terms. It does not seem scripted at all and gives me the motivation and determination to overcome my fears in starting my own business. GREAT Job and TWO thumbs up to the author!

  • When starting a business, a lot of us aren't educated well enough when it comes to what papers to fill out, what fees are associated, things as simple as looking up a business name, trademarks, and business plans. This is a survival guide to help you along the way. This all-in-one guide and journal is amongst my list of 'must haves'! I will be gifting it within the next few months to random people that have a burning passion to take the first step at starting a business! Support this book by sowing a seed for yourself or someone you may know! This book will organize all of your thoughts in one place.

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